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Chapman Cultural Center

In Spartanburg SC, the Arts Partnership opened the multi-functional, 87,000 sq ft, Chapman Cultural Center. A mutually supportive environment was created by locating many programs under one roof, maximizing the programs’ impact on the city for a long time to come. Spartanburg’s past was defined by a thriving textile industry. With most of that industry now gone, the Center provides a new and enduring focal point for culture, learning, and opportunity.


David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc.


Linbeck Group, LLC


Burgess Sales and Supply, Inc.


Spartanburg, United States

DORMA's contribution to the project
The design firm imagined the Chapman Cultural Center as an integral part of downtown—a place for culture and learning to combine with everyday commerce and civic activity. Products used to construct the Center had to meet the overarching design goal of creating a cohesive whole from a variety of parts. The versatile DORMA products selected met both aesthetic and functional requirements—offering variety in style and architectural finish combined with durability, strength, reliability, and security.