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Albuquerque Airport

Technology Helps Albuquerque Sunport Improve Passenger Flow and Security

“Like every airport, we have specialized needs. We were looking for a system that met all of our security concerns and stringent requirements yet were still comfortable for the passenger. The advanced engineering and technology of dormakaba’s ELBCs have allowed us to exceed our requirements.”

David Galdony
Business Technology Specialist (IT)
Albuquerque International Sunport

Fast Facts

  • The ABQ Sunport is New Mexico’s largest commercial airport
  • Welcomes over 5 million passengers each year
  • Owned by the City of Albuquerque
  • Home to distinctive architecture and outstanding collections of southwestern art


Aging, obsolete revolving exit doors had become a security and maintenance headache for Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ). In addition, growing needs for passenger flow required that they be manned 24/7. ABQ turned to exit lane breach control technology (ELBC) to solve its problems and merge security with convenience.

The Challenge
Today’s traveler demands convenience at every stage of their journey – from the moment they enter the terminal to the time they exit the concourse. This puts pressure on airport improvement programs to elevate the passenger experience. Progressive airports like the Sunport are responding by focusing on all touch points along the passenger journey, transforming the airport experience with efficient processes.

The ELBC Solution
The Sunport chose dormakaba’s ELBC system to maintain the highest level of security, improve passenger flow, and reduce congestion. ELBC technology employs real-time video analytics, 3-D imaging and infrared sensors that integrates with airport security and fire detection systems. The “smart technology” detects and alarms the airport of suspect persons and objects left unattended, while greatly reducing the potential for false alarms. The technology; along with the airports new Airport Security Program (ASP), helps to eliminate the need for security personnel to be stationed at exit lanes enabling them to be deployed elsewhere in the airport.

“The advanced engineering and technology of dormakaba’s ELBCs have allowed us to exceed our requirements,” said Galdony. “We no longer have the frustration of maintaining an obsolete system that we couldn’t find parts for, and we were able to eliminate the need for a security guard. We’ve calculated a three-year ROI just by removing the security guard. And, we have the added benefit that an automated system doesn’t get distracted or fatigued after many hours of doing a repetitive task.”

The Benefit
dormakaba’s Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) corridor future-proofs passenger processes. It offers automated controlled access and secured one-way pedestrian flow for unrestricted egress to guide passengers from the airside to the landside. Passengers go through several automated door sets while the system monitors flow through multiple sensors and video analytic surveillance. Its stainless-steel construction withstands the rigors of high traffic. The modular system enables customizable configurations to meet specific architectural and performance needs.

The ELBC Solution

  • Provides a physical barrier and advanced sensor technology
  • Standalone system to monitor, alert and notify
  • Customizable modular construction through different unit lengths and sensor combinations
  • Integrates into airports access control system
  • Configurable to meet airports safety and security needs
  • Object detection for items left behind
  • Thrown object detection
  • Energy efficient with LED lighting
  • Maintenance friendly

“With the sensors/camera setup and automatic actions of the system, we have confidence with our situational awareness,” said Galdony. “We also have increased our passenger flow by over 300 percent and the movement through design is more ADA friendly for passengers.”

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