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TS 99 Door Closer

The TS 99 free-swing door closer enables nearly resistance-free opening of fire doors. With the free swing, the door moves freely as if no door closer was installed. The door is guaranteed to close securely in the event of an alarm. The free swing  is already achieved with a door opening angle from > 0° and is therefore also particularly suitable for doors whose door opening angle is limited to e.g. 90 °. The TS 99 door closer is a particularly good choice for barrier-free building in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) 18040 or German Industrial Standard (DIN) SPEC 1104.

  • Free-swing function from a door opening angle of >0°
  • Door widths up to 1250 mm
  • For single- and double-leaf doors
  • Suitable for barrier-free buildings
  • Maximum degree of user safety

Product details

In case of an emergency, ensure maximum user safety. dormakaba TS 99 FL/FLR free swing door closer:

  • For resistance free passage through fire protection doors
  • Integrated with fire alarm and smoke detector system
  • Suitable for hospitals, homes for the elderly and care facilities, i.e. applications in where barrier-free accessibility plays an important role.
  • Advantageous for childcare centres, schools and senior citizen facilities of all kinds

Benefits for the trade/distributor

  • TS 99 FL is an ideal complement to any sales portfolio thanks both to its universal applicability to  single and double doors (on active leaf only) and to the ease of order handling derived from a clearly structured range. 
  • Offers the uniformity of appearance inherent in the dormakaba Contur design.

Benefits for the installer/fabricator

  • Easy and quick to fit
  • Flexible application suitability due to standard leaf or overhead transom installation

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • TS 99 FL ensures compliance with legal requirements for barrier-free building.
  • Universally suitable for single or double doors
  • Uniform appearance matching all products of the dormakaba Contur design

Benefits for the user

  • Free-swing function from a door opening angle of >0°
  • Resistance-free opening of doors in passive fire protection applications
  • Maximum degree of user safety