Product Summary

As a Universal floor spring, the BTS 80 F has been designed to meet the requirements for all door types and can satisfy every application required, due to its versatility. Once installed below floor level, the mechanism is almost completely concealed from view.


Successfully third party tested to BS EN1154


CERTIFIRE Approved CF127

  • For use on both single and double action doors
  • Concealed assembly
  • Can be used on fire and smoke check doors
  • CERTIFIRE approved
  • Easy to install

Product Details


The BTS 80 F can be used on both fire and smoke check doors and with its concealed application is ideal for situations, where aesthetic quality is not comprised by safety assurance.

Fields of Application

The BTS 80 F is a versatile floor spring that can be used in numerous situations. For any environment, that requires a compliant entrance that does not encroach aesthetically on its surroundings, the BTS 80 F concealed floor spring is ideal.

BTS 80 F

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