Product Summary

The BTS 80 FLB is a free swing door closer that allows the user to comfortably move the door without any direct resistance from the door closer. Ideal for any situation where users may experience difficulty in operating doors, the BTS 80 FLB allows ease of access while offering peace of mind, for in the event of a fire alarm or any interruption to the power source, the unit automatically closes the door, allowing a proactive fire barrier to be created.
Hold open device successfully third party tested to BS EN1155
CERTFIRE Approved CF127

  • Free swing floor spring, (0-180 degrees)
  • Easy to install
  • CERTIFIRE Approved
  • CE Marked (Cert no.127)
  • Can be used on fire and smoke check doors
  • Hold open devices tested to EN 1155

Product Details


Unaffected by changes in room temperature, the BTS 80 FLB works in a range of environments and has been proven robust for doors weighing up to a large 300kg. With concealed floor mounting, the floor spring is a compact and aesthetically pleasing door closer, which is also easy to install.

Fields of Application

Suitable for numerous specifications including education and healthcare environments. It is especially suitable for any situation where the user may find operation of a door difficult or where the door needs to be capable of being left in any position from fully open to closed by the user/building occupier.


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