Product Summary

With its 700/900 Series, dormakaba offers a line of versatile stops and holders. This line complements the existing full range of door closers, providing a total door control system.


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  • Durable and visually pleasing
  • Surface applied or concealed
  • Highest quality materials
  • Different finishes available
  • Several unit types available

Product Details

Durable and visually pleasing
Separate stops and holders are the preferred method of limiting door swing. They are ideal where the use of wall or floor tops is precluded. The 700/900 Series high quality units are both durable and visually pleasing.

Highest quality materials
dormakaba stops and holders are designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials to provide optimum service under heavy-duty use.

Different finishes available
A standard two-coat paint finish is the best choice to match sprayed dormakaba door closers. Optional plated finishes are also available.

Several unit types available
Stop only units are designed to limit the degree of door swing while providing a cushioned stop. These units are a good choice for use on labeled fire doors where hold open is prohibited. Stop/Hold units function like stop only units with an added selective on/off hold open feature. Stop/hold is recommended where non-labeled doors must be held in the open position. Friction/Stop units provide a cushioned limiting stop and adjustable friction stay. This option provides a method of holding non-labeled doors at multiple positions without readjustment. Available in 700/710 Series only.


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