Product Summary

Offering all the benefits of a cam action closer invisibly inlaid in the door and frame, the ITS96 EMF ensures that the most sophisticated doors preserve their attractiveness, while offering a closer that will securely hold the door open, yet close safely in the event of a fire or power failure.

Successfully third party tested to BS EN1155

CERTIFIRE Approved CF140

  • Concealed closer
  • Max door width: 1100mm (EN2-4), 1400mm (EN3-6)
  • Adjustable sweep and latching speed
  • GSR integral door co-ordinator available
  • CERTIFIRE Approved for fire doors: CF140 ITT60/MM/IMM240
  • CE marked

Product Details


The dormakaba ITS 96 EMF allows the door to be held firmly open at a specified angle without closing. In the event of an emergency the unit will release and close the door, the ITS 96 EMF will then act as a standard door closer until the alarm or power is reset.

Field of Application

Concealed within the frame of the door, the ITS 96 EMF allows the door to be held open, without any detail of the door leaf or frame impeding the aesthetic quality of the entrance. As such, it is suitable for a range of applications and also offers peace of mind, in that optimum protection is provided against vandalism, thanks to the concealed installation.


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