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How can you secure critical infrastructure and boost productivity?

Telecommunications, power and water utilities are among the largest and most critical infrastructures on the planet. As demand increases, utility companies are increasingly aware of the need for efficiency, safety and security on their premises. However, this can be a challenge due to the sheer size and complexity of the network, operated by a primarily mobile workforce which requires flexible, agile and resilient workflows.

Lack of proper access management frequently leads to the loss of keys, which can prevent rapid access to network operating centers and similar facilities in emergencies, increase safety and security risks, and reduce overall transparency as to who has access to the site. This can lead to unwanted downtime, penalties, insurance complications, compliance issues and potential over-invoicing, not to mention questionable performance by subcontractors.

Our comprehensive portfolio of access control and access security solutions are designed to minimize the above risks, improve operational efficiency and boost productivity. The customized, durable access solutions improve the visibility of daily operational processes while protecting people and assets.

Our global accounts management

You can find more information for global key accounts on our special page Global Accounts.

Water supply network

We provide industrial-grade access security and control solutions that secure sensitive network operating centers and pumping stations against vandalism, manipulation and malicious activity.

Power distribution

From nuclear power plants to solar and wind farms and local substations, we have a range of reliable access and security solutions to support an uninterrupted service at all types of power infrastructure.

Telecommunications infrastructure

We have a comprehensive range of secure access solutions that can be installed within telecommunications infrastructure – whether at headquarters, a point of presence, a network operating center, a local exchange or a data center.

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Comprehensive security

Available for all relevant assets, our highly secure doors, locking and access control solutions meet the most stringent norms and standards.

Improved operational efficiency

We ensure the smooth flow of people by seamlessly integrating all relevant installations. This is especially beneficial during rush hour in main buildings and during maintenance work at remote sites.

State-of-the-art design

Our solutions can be integrated seamlessly into the existing surroundings at company headquarters, local premises and other relevant sites. The design of the solution correspond to contemporary architectural visions in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Attractive cost savings

We ensure the specification, procurement and installation phases are as streamlined as possible. All our access-related products are supplied from a single source, which saves time and minimizes expenses.

Dependable service

Our professional consulting and technical support teams are on hand to assist you throughout your project. This encompasses the design stage, the installation and go-live processes, and the entire lifecycle of the installed products.

"We are confident the solution we arrived at will ensure the continued protection and security of our assets for years to come and would not hesitate to recommend dormakaba for physical security solutions.”
Edward  Towndrow

Edward Towndrow

Affinity Water, UK

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