Product Summary

The RTS 85 transom concealed door closer offers a solution for installations where door control must be provided without disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the door. A complete line of accessories is available to accommodate virtually any door and frame configuration.

  • Concealed installation in the door frame
  • For door leaf widths up to 1,250 mm
  • Can be used for single action and double action doors
  • Incl. back check
  • Wide range of accessories for almost every configuration

Product Details

Attractive – with a concealed installation in the door frame

Ideal for doors in variable partition walls. Can be used for double action doors as well as single action doors. Elegant, versatile, practical and with reliable quality.

The RTS 85 panel door closer meets the demand for a door closer that is concealed in the frame and door construction. Of course this installation requires the appropriate design of the top frame and door construction. The RTS 85 panel door closer – a double action door closer with excellent quality – can also be used for single action doors with the appropriate accessories.

RTS 85 door closer

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