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Revolving doors

The dormakaba revolving door range allows building design to meet functionality.

The main entrance gives a clear statement of your company’s image. It is extremely important that it conveys a positive first impression, as well as allows a smooth flow of traffic.

Dormakaba revolving doors combine these characteristics perfectly. They significantly reduce background noise, dust and dirt so employees in the vicinity of these entrances benefit from reduced draft and thermal loss whilst in operation.

With the new ultra slim KTV flex direct drive, the magnetic technology ensures smooth operation with exceptional accuracy while also protecting the mechanical components of the doorset as noise and wear are minimised.

Use and function

Our revolving doors combine seamless access with high security and pure aesthetics for an all-around package that delivers on every front. They are designed specifically to handle high-volume flows of people entering or leaving a building with ease, using a combination of door wings, flexible drive systems and concealed sensors. All of our manual and automatic revolving doors meet the requirements of the EN 16005 safety standard and offer in some versions protection against burglary attempts thanks to integrated night shields. There are plenty of energy savings in revolving doors to be had as well: with a revolving door, the facade remains closed at all times while at the same time people can enter and leave the building. Through that, rotating doors prevent cold air from entering the premises, helping to maintain a consistent ambient temperature inside the building. This avoids placing any strain on the building’s heating systems. Finally, the sweeping glass facades lend a distinctly modern – not to mention visually impressive – touch to any exterior.

What are revolving doors?

Revolving doors – or rotating doors – are a type of door consisting of leaves or wings that revolve in a cylindrical manner within a wider frame. Various designs and configurations are available, including manual, assisted and automatic revolving doors, with the choice depending on the door’s position in the building, the estimated throughput volume (passage capacity) and the appearance of the building’s facade. Commonly installed in large buildings to regulate flows of people, revolving doors also help to keep the premises energy efficient, as they enable the air temperature and pressure inside the building to be accurately controlled. This gives rotating doors a clear advantage over traditional hinged doors and leads to cost savings in the long run.


Our revolving doors offer maximum flexibility and convenience in terms of security, design and aesthetics. You can choose from several distinct designs:

  • KTV 3 / KTV 4 standard size revolving doors feature a low canopy height, an electromechanical locking system and an automatic night shield with burglary resistance. They are available as standard with a manual door system, though self-positioning, servo and automatic revolving door variants are available.
  • Sleek and elegant, KTV ATRIUM FLEX all-glass revolving doors come in a turnstile design with three or four wings consisting of tempered safety glass. Laminated safety glass is used for the drum walls and the overhead glazing is a special laminate made from thermo-tempered glass (TVG). Different drive types are available based on a single drive system, including manual, power-assisted and fully automatic revolving doors.
  • KTC 3 / KTC 4 high-capacity revolving doors are available in various dimensions for an architecturally impressive façade that is able to handle high volumes of people. Reliable, user-friendly and easy to install, these doors can be fitted with night shields as required, as part of a revolving door setup.
  • KTC 2 high-capacity revolving doors embrace a two-wing design in accordance with the EN 16005 safety standard. An integrated ST FLEX sliding door offers maximum convenience as an entryway (making it the ideal choice for people with disabilities), while the integrated night shield protects the entrance against unauthorized access.


Key benefits

As an entrance solution that makes a clear statement about the status of a building – and its inhabitants – our revolving doors combine cutting-edge engineering with pure aesthetics. With several models to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a revolving door system to meet your exact requirements.

  • Various revolving door design options and setups to choose from
  • Extremely long service life
  • Spacious and inviting, with ample scope for further architectural creativity
  • A cost-effective entry solution with low wear and maintenance
  • Slim ceiling assembly, allowing for flexible implementation
  • All models are able to handle high pedestrian throughput
  • Compliant with the EN 16005 safety standard for automatic entry solutions
  • Harmonious integration into existing structures for a strong visual impact
  • Can be adapted as required to incorporate advertising elements and company signage
  • Broad selection of surface finishes
  • Use of magnetic levitation technology guaranteeing smooth operation and protection of the mechanical components for KTV revolving doors
  • Extremely high security thanks to night-time lockdown feature
  • Can be combined with other dormakaba systems
  • Class RC2 anti-burglary rating

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