Product Summary

First impressions count. A building is entered for the first time via the main entrance. That is why it’s visual appearance, feel and ease of use are essential components

Undisturbed traffic flow, an improved indoor climate, noise attenuation as well as high levels of security and reliability are crucial functional requirements. The new KTV ATRIUM FLEX revolving doors perfectly blend design and function with designated architecture.

Designed according to individual customer requirements and manufactured for sophisticated “statement” entrance areas.

  • 'All Glass' Three or Four wing revolving door
  • Side walls with special laminated safety glass filling
  • Low wear, low-maintenance & low-noise electromechanical direct drive housed under the ceiling tested for 2 million cycles
  • LED light ring for flicker-free internal illumination
  • Mechanical locking device
  • Tested to EN 16005 “Power operated pedestrian doorsets. Safety in use. Requirements and test methods”

Product Details

Light, open and elegant

The New KTV ATRIUM FLEX door takes lightness, enticing openness and undisrupted elegance to a new
level, offering a combination of features unprecedented in a revolving door breaking down the barriers to creativity in entrance design.  Buildings are both aesthetically and functionally enhanced in the best possible way, thanks to the beautiful all glass appearance of the KTV ATRIUM FLEX

Passage heights on our revolving door of up to 4m are available for all diameters up to 3m.  Regardless of height and diameter no centre column is required resulting in a clear unobstructed view through the centre of the door.

Operating Modes

The KTV ATRIUM FLEX revolving door is available with 3 or 4 wings and various operating

"M" - Manual operation with speed limiter
"P" - Automatic door with automatic positioning control (low energy)
"S" - Automatic door with servomatic control (low energy)
"A" - Fully automatic door (full energy)

The KT FLEX Direct drive can be configured to any of the operating modes. The door's mode of operation can
even be adjusted afterwards - without having to replace the motor or controller.

Fields of Application

Ideal for but not limited to public and institutional buildings, hotels and corporate headquarters.

Benefits for end users

  • KT FLEX Direct drive has smooth running and superior positioning accuracy.
  • Low wear due to no gear parts or toothed belts.
  • Long service life (tested for 2 million cycles)
  • Exceptional ease of use and access for servicing
  • High-quality security features
  • Elegant appearance
  • Designed for high passenger throughput
  • Flexible function adaptation and ease of retrofitting

Benefits for planners & Installers

  • As there is no need for a floor pit and its associated complexity system planning and construction for KT FLEX Direct drive installations are simplified and less costly. 
  • Easy electrical connection thanks to a user-friendly plug system.
  • Uncomplicated parameterisation and programming.
  • Simple function extensions possible.
  • Integrated safety sensors utilising latest laser technology ensures a harmonious overall appearance.
  • Simplified floor ring assembly.
KTV Atrium Flex Revolving Door
KTV Atrium Flex Light Ring
KTV Revolving Door

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