General Policies


Gender Pay Gap Reports

It is now a legal requirement for any organisation with over 250 employees to report their Gender Pay Gap. The Gender Pay Gap is the difference between men’s and women’s average hourly pay across an organisation, expressed as a percentage, that is reported as a mean average and median average.

Modern Slavery Act

dormakaba is fully aware of the importance of the above Modern Slavery Acts and highly appreciates this valuable approach to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from all areas of life. dormakaba also acknowledges its responsibility to respect human rights as outlined in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP). Further, the company is fully committed to uphold the principles of and adherence to its Group policies covering human rights, forced, compulsory or child labor, environmental responsibility and business ethics.

Tax Strategy

Our Tax Strategy is to manage efficiently the tax and cash cost to dormakaba of doing business, within the scope of all applicable laws, whilst ensuring our tax affairs are transparent and sustainable for the long-term.

You can download our current tax strategy using the link opposit.