Choosing the right system

Meet conflicting requirements of your escape route security while maintaining compliance

Ensure Safety and Security with SafeRoute

The SafeRoute emergency exit system is a cutting-edge, electronically controlled solution designed to balance the critical needs of safety and security in any building. Our system features automatic self-locking mechanisms that ensure doors are easy to open from the inside during emergencies while preventing unauthorised access once closed.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Compliant to BS EN 13637
  • Release Fire exit in case of an emergency
  • Protect against unauthorised exits
  • Allow access/exit for authorised personnel
  • Time limiting access to control flow when needed
  • Protects against unauthorised access from intruders
  • Multidoor control to allow safe route through a building. 

The intelligent way

SafeRoute a compliant system to protect your buildings whilst maintaining functionality