Planning and specification

Supporting you throughout the planning process

Single Source Specification Support

Whatever the access requirements, we ensure fast, informed advice and support

Selecting the right type of solution for a project can have a significant effect on usability, standards compliance, fire safety and building aesthetics. Our experienced, ADSA qualified architectural consultancy services team provides dedicated assistance with: 

  • The review of entrance systems and security requirements
  • Provision of written BS7036 compliant risk assessments
  • Standards compliancy
  • Development of appropriate options for consideration, including enhanced energy efficiency, high levels of security, fine fame / frameless designs and the provision of special finishes.
  • Provision of specifications, EPD / security and fire test certification, detailed drawings and BIM objects.


Our Holistic approach

Total support

Our holistic approach addresses all aspects of project support, enabling specifiers to benefit from improvements in operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our support

Project Requirements Review

Combining a detailed project review together with extensive sector experience, our specification experts identify ways of improving design outcomes in a highly efficient way to save both time and money.

Fire & Escape Route Evaluation

Whatever the building type, we help you to meet specific Fire Strategies and Building Regulation approval. We also advise how fire safety objectives can be achieved in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Regulatory Standard & Compliance

Our ASDA qualified specialists guide you on how to meet legal frameworks and building standards. We also provide product specific performance and certification documents compliant with building regulations and standards.

Solution & Security Development

We discuss project requirements & security coordination to find the best ways to meet them. We identify appropriate solutions & assist with sizing requirements while ensuring that you are provided with complete information on technical issues.

Project Scheduling

Scheduling your project with us helps to transform your vision into a deliverable time-based plan. We continuously monitor project activities to eliminate any potential planning risk so you can achieve your project goals, adhering to construction time & budget.

Risk Assessment

We also evaluate both the security and safety factors of each project, ensuring management and mitigation through practical control measures and suitable product selection.

Specification & Design Development

We develop complete door schedules, specifications, CAD drawings and wiring diagrams while also providing all relevant standards compliancy certification, independent test certification and Environmental Product Declarations.

BIM Support

By simply providing project data in a range of formats such as spreadsheets, AutoCAD drawings or text files, our industry leading planning tools support the development of specifications, enabling specifiers to populate BIM models simply and efficiently.

Specification Solutions

The dormakaba specification team offer comprehensive consulting support to Architects & Designers with access solutions to all architectural openings in building projects. Our team of qualified professionals are fully available at your service to provide balanced solutions to suit your requirement from a single source. We are pioneers in providing solutions for verticals like Airports, Education, Rail and Healthcare. Our specifications comply to product standards like BS/EN. We conduct risk assessments on the designs to achieve a balance between safety and security.

Digital construction

Plan better with BIM

Ensuring the required BIM objects and associated information are readily accessible in a manageable form during a project design phase is extremely important. Therefore, we offer a range of services to optimize BIM model development, enabling complete co-ordination with the project specification while driving greater efficiency.


Iain Jones

Head of Development and Specification