Product Summary

The KTC 2 revolving door consists of a two-wing revolving door for operation during times of normal traffic with an integrated sliding door for use at peak times.  This design offers plenty of scope for architectural creativity while also raising accessibility and convenience to a new level.  Thanks to the variability of its design and a broad selection of surface finishes it will enhance the entrance of any building giving it both uniqueness and style. 

  • Spacious entrance – External diameter up to 5,600 mm
  • Integrated automatic ST FLEX sliding door
  • Integrated night shield for out of hours protection
  • Optional showcases provide advertising space
  • Suitable for application as escape route door
  • EN 16005 safety standard

Product Details

Wide range of functions

High traffic capacity, very effective during peak traffic periods, while also offering unbeatable safety. And there are major additional benefits to be had from the suitability of these doors as display and advertising spaces. The automatic sliding door mode is used in times of exceptionally high pedestrian traffic and the passage of bulky items.

Problem-free adaptability to individual requirements

KTC 2 revolving doors are suitable for a variety of applications. System options include an integrated night shield and the choice of either drum walls with glazing or metal paneling.

Escape route applications (select escape route package) Ventilation / smoke extraction function

In the event of an emergency the rotor returns to its starting position (parallel to the façade axis) with the aid of the rechargeable battery pack. As soon as the door has reached this position, the centre of the door opens automatically in order to create ventilation for smoke extraction of the building and escape route.

Benefits for the installer/fabricator

  • Comprehensive range that also includes solutions suitable for sophisticated and prestigious entrance systems.
  • Trouble-free installation and commissioning
  • Guaranteed advanced technology conforming to all relevant national and international standards

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • The range of components on the KTC system ensures a high degree of design flexibility
  • Problem-free adaptability to individual requirements
  • Visually, technically and economically a convincing solution

Benefits for the user

  • Exceptional convenience
  • Outstanding safety features on our revolving doors
  • Tailored integrated solution offering industrial engineering precision and assured manufacturing quality
  • Optimization of building energy balance and workplace environment.
KTC 2 Revolving door
KTC 2 Revolving door
KTC 2 Revolving door

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