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ED 100 and ED 250 – Strong swing door operators for special requirements.

The modular ED 100/250 swing door operator system offers you the impressive option of opening and closing single- or double-leaf interior and exterior doors automatically. When it comes to security and convenience, modern properties require products that remain functional in certain special situations, such as during wind loads on the door leaves or when doors are very heavy and weigh up to 400 kg. dormakaba offers you the right solution in a single system and ensures straightforward planning with its wind load calculator or door weight calculators.

The solution – The door weight challenge

Nowadays, people like entrance areas to look and feel spacious. As such, doors have more of a role to play than just their actual purpose – i.e. as a standard-size door for people to go through. Nowadays they can just as easily form an integral part of an impressive façade, which makes the door larger and, in turn, very heavy. Preventative measures for fire protection also mean specific requirements need to be met. Fire and smoke protection doors have the kinds of fillings that soon increase the weight to several hundred kilos – take T90 doors for example. High door weights and mass inertia represent an extreme challenge for automatic swing doors.

Reliable movement of heavy doors weighing up to 400 kg. The ED 100/ED 250's microprocessor control only needs three parameter settings and will teach itself the real door weight during the set-up process. Connected to the robust operator construction, it is possible to open and close (for example) the ED 250 doors automatically with an extreme weight of up to 400 kg, subject to the size involved. In this case, it does not matter whether the ED 250 is fitted with poles or sliding rails. It will not spot the difference between the power lost from a sliding rail versus a design with poles. The DORMA door weight calculator helps you with planning.

The challenge posed by wind

Swing doors are often exposed to wind loads. In the case of exterior doors, the wind has a direct effect on the door leaf, whereas interior doors are exposed to pressure differences caused by air conditioning and ventilation systems or the stack effect.

The average door leaf, measuring 2–3 square metres in area, provides the wind with a large contact surface, so wind loads may affect swing door operator performance when the doors are opening or closing.

Door closers and electro-hydraulic operators whereby the energy for the closing procedure is supplied exclusively through a spring can only apply the closing force in line with their actual spring force setting and cannot be flexible in their response to the respective weather conditions.

The consequences:

  • Heat or cold air lost through open doors
  • Unauthorised persons can easily gain access if the door does not shut completely
  • Speeds vary enormously

Integrated wind load regulation

The powerful ED 100 and ED 250 electromechanical swing door operators are fitted with active dormakaba wind load regulation. This is included in the scope of delivery as standard. Using the Full-Energy upgrade card will even mean double the closing force is available compared to with a door closer.

In automatic mode, it will recognise wind loads automatically and adjust these until 150 N, the maximum force allowed, is reached. The spring is supported by the motor in the direction of closing.

Furthermore, the electronic latching force helps the door to shut completely. The travel parameters are updated dynamically in the direction of opening and closing to adapt the door movement to the respective weather conditions.

Planning with the dormakaba wind load calculator

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Door weight calculator ED-250

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