BIM data of dormakaba products

Tailor-made BIM objects

In the implementation of our BIM offering, dormakaba focused to a large degree on simple, convenient application. We concentrated on the objects. Whenever possible, graphical extras were omitted and the technical features and functions were emphasised.

Modern construction means: Building virtually first, then in real-life.

BIM means more than simply downloading 3D objects into different visual formats. For us, BIM first and foremost means supporting our customers by providing current, reliable and precise product data for the planning, construction and management of buildings. The information content of our BIM objects is aimed at solutions and services related to integrated planning and construction.

Download dormakaba BIM objects

For most of the dormakaba product portfolio, you can access BIM objects in different data formats (Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Autodesk Revit).


Use the links to download the BIM object packages for your software system. An overview of the current BIM objects from dormakaba is available at bimobjects.

dormakaba BIM objects on bimobject

buildup Schweiz


Our data are also found on buildup Schweiz, the online platform for the Swiss construction industry.

dormakaba BIM objects on buildup Schweiz

Bauen digital Schweiz

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As a member of Bauen digital Schweiz, the leading platform for the digital transformation of the Swiss construction and property industry, we actively help shape the digital future for our partners. Bauen digital Schweiz develops practical instruments for all players in the construction and property industry and uses best practices to provide concrete examples of the benefits of the digital transformation.