Registering your master key system

This means that you alone control who is allowed to order which key.

All Kaba master key systems (except Kaba 8) are registered. This means that dormakaba has a record of who the rightful owner of the master key system is. This is why you receive a security card with a code with every Kaba single cylinder or Kaba master key system. Using this security card, you can register yourself as the rightful owner with dormakaba.

This provides the necessary security in connection with key ordering, and your master key system is secured against the unauthorised procurement of key copies.

Beispiel Sicherheitskarte mit Schlüssel_EN

Your benefits

  • Unauthorised persons cannot get key copies for your master key system.
  • There is no longer any need for a 'Found key' tag.


Have the following documents ready in order to register your system: Security card and accompanying brochure (for entering the registered information) and a key from the system.