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dormakaba products from the 'locking systems and door technology' area are sold through authorised dormakaba partners. All other products are sold through dormakaba and can be ordered here directly. Below you can find out which product group it is part of:

Product groupProductsProduct namesSupport

Locking systems
Mechanical, mechatronic cylinders, keys, electronic door fittingsKaba star, elostar, elolegic, evolo touchgo, c-lever, digital cylinder, exivo, KEM, programmerdormakaba partner

Door technology
Door closers, locks, fittings, escape route systemsTS 98 XEA..., SVP 2000..., Kaba x-lock, TL-G, TL-Up, TMS Basic..., ED100, ED250, Porteo...dormakaba partner

Automatic door systems
Tripod barriers, turnstiles, sensor gates, revolving doors, sliding doors, sliding door operators, swing door operators, self-boarding gatesST FLEX Green, ST FLEX Secure, ST MANET, TST FLEX, KTC 2, KTV, CRP, CS 80 Magneo, ES 200, ES 400, ED 100, ED 250, PORTEO, Kerberos, Charon, Argus, Kentaur, Geryon, Orthos, Talos...Troubleshooting, repairs
Tel.: 0844 22 00 22

Access and time
Access control, time registration, shop floor data collectionexos 9300, EACM, B-COMM, B-web, Terminal 96 00...Troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs
Tel.: 044 818 91 50

Service, modernisation
Tel.: 044 818 91 50
Badges, key fobsMedia/cards, badges, key fobs, RFID, MIFARE, LEGICTel.: 044 818 91 19

High-security locks
Protection of valuablesVetox, Tholos, safety deposit installations, T54Troubleshooting, contracts, maintenance, modernisation
Tel.: 0848 447 447
Safe locksPaxos advance, Axessor, Combi B30, Vary, Centurio, Defender, Alea...dormakaba partner