Lost your key? This guideline will tell you what to do.

A key chain often has a lot of keys on it that open all kinds of doors. Doors for your office, leisure facilities or your home. Depending on which key you have lost, it can be a very urgent problem. Our guideline will help you in any case.

Who you can contact

Getting a spare/replacement key

If you own a dormakaba (formerly Kaba) lock system, you can order a new key at any time from a dormakaba partner. Here you will find a dormakaba partner near you.

Fundservice Schweiz (Swiss lost and found service) 

  • At the online lost and found, you can check if the item you lost was handed in to a lost property office cooperating with Fundservice Schweiz.
  • Click here for the "lost and found" service of SBB, where you can report your loss.

Informing the building management/
property service

  • If you live in a block of flats or rent your home, you should report the loss of a key to the building management. Found keys are returned to the owner of the dormakaba lock system. This is often the building management.
  • The building management or facility service often keep spare keys and cylinders on hand and can get you access that way.

Calling a reliable locksmith service

You need to access the premises immediately? Then a locksmith service is often your only hope. Our article Locked out! How to recognise respectable locksmith services provides a checklist to help you find a respectable locksmith service.

dormakaba – finding a trustworthy partner

dormakaba maintains a network of trustworthy partners who will come to your aid in an emergency. Here you will find a dormakaba partner near you.

Contacting the police

  • Report the loss of a key to the owner of the property or to the police. That way, the safety of the building and facilities can be maintained.
  • Many police stations keep a list of reliable locksmith services.

Frequently asked questions about lost keys

Change the cylinder?

New door locks (cylinders) or lock systems are not always necessary. If the key cannot be associated with a particular property, generally the lock does not have to be replaced.

Depending on the importance of the key, individual or all affected cylinders/keys of mechanical lock systems will have to be replaced. In mechatronic or electronic lock systems, the missing key is simply deleted. To be on the safe side, contact your dormakaba partner as soon as possible.

Here you will find a dormakaba partner near you.

If you have lost the key along with personal documents, there is a risk that an uninvited guest may enter your flat or common rooms. In this case, the lock should be replaced.

Who pays for lost keys?

Generally, a lost key has to be replaced at your own expense.

Household insurance: only pays if the key was stolen. In this case, the insurance pays for the replacement key and for a new lock or the entire lock system.

Personal liability insurance: If you are responsible for the loss of the key and the lock has to be replaced, you should report the damage to your personal liability insurance. If it is included in your policy, the insurer will generally cover the cost.