Found a key. What to do?

You have found a key chain in a public space, a public building or on public transport? By doing the right thing you can save the owner a lot of time and hassle. We’ll show you how.

Hand-in location

Location where found


Public transport/transport services

Keys found on public transport or at train stations and bus stops can be handed in to staff or at the operator’s ticket office.
Under SBB Fundservice you will find a list of transport companies that cooperate with the Fundservice (lost and found service).

This takes you to the SBB Fundservice 

Lost property office

If you have found something on public grounds (e.g. on the street), you can drop it off at the nearest lost property office.

Click here to find a lost property office near you.

Police station

You can always hand in found keys at the nearest police station.

Click here to find a police station near you.

dormakaba Switzerland Ltd

A dormakaba access medium (Kaba key*, badge, etc.) can be sent to the address at the right. Please include information about where you found it. We will return the key to its owner. Please understand that we cannot release any information about the owner for security reasons.

dormakaba Switzerland Ltd, Fundschlüssel, Postfach, 8620 Wetzikon

*Note: Kaba 8 lock systems are not registered, so we cannot match found Kaba 8 keys to their owners.