Your locking system

Registration and guide

Damit haben Sie alleine die Kontrolle darüber, wer, welche Schlüssel bestellen kann.

Security and safety

Registering your locking system

Register and manage your locking system for personal and exclusive control over who can order which keys or access media.

All dormakaba locking systems (except Kaba 8) are registered with dormakaba from the manufacturing date. By registering with dormakaba, you are stating who the rightful owner of the system is. This increases the security of your locking system and protects you from unauthorised access to keys and access media. When you register, you also benefit from dormakaba’s lost key service. Lost access media that are registered and sent to dormakaba will be returned to the rightful owner.

For your security, keys or access media can only be ordered with the information on the security card and through a certified dormakaba partner.

This ensures the necessary security when you order keys, and keeps your locking system protected from the unauthorised acquisition of duplicate keys.

How to register your locking system

Have your security card and a key or an access medium from your system ready.

Your key – your home

The dormakaba guide to your access medium

In this guide, we’ll answer the most important questions about your keys and access media.

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Find a dormakaba partner near you

Certified dormakaba partners will be happy to help you with any concerns or questions you might have.

At the heart of every home

The first key

This is a story about a key. Actually, it’s a story about trust. We are not the inventors of trust. But we invented the reversible key. More precisely, the key that has become the standard today. We have turned chip cards and mobile phones into keys. We have sent the locking system to the cloud. And even though we now have millions of keys in circulation, the trust you place in the person you give a key to is in every single one of them.