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Health Security Check - Tip #4

"Failure of your access control can quickly become expensive. Regular maintenance is not."

Ralf Laufer, Deputy Vice President Segment Business Owner EMEA, DACH, GBO EAD

Security Tips Operational reliability

No one would imagine driving a car every day for years without ever having it serviced. With our systems for access control, attendance recording and production data acquisition, this behaviour is fairly common. 

This is mainly due to the fact that dormakaba solutions work extremely reliably and age without one noticing. They work perfectly for a very long time, but like all electronic and mechanical components, they don’t last forever. If then “out of the blue” they fail, this immediately creates an acute access and security problem.

Failures interrupt operations, compromise security and tie up resources

If access control fails, you may need to force open doors or hire a security company. It may also happen that secured rooms suddenly become freely accessible. In the event of an attendance recording and production data acquisition failure, your team will have to “write notes” again, which are checked by management and manually recorded by Human Resources.

Even minor events can tie up a lot of resources and incur high costs. That’s why – like a car – you should regularly maintain these systems and renew individual components when necessary. This could be an access reader that needs to be replaced after many years or a digital cylinder in the door that is subject to mechanical wear and tear.

Check the hardware and update the software on a regular basis

But it’s not just the hardware that contributes to operational safety. If you want to benefit from new technologies, you need to keep your firmware and software up to date. This is especially true if you continue to use older technology in addition.

With a maintenance contract, you’re on the safe side. Your hardware is checked regularly, and updates keep your software up to date. The maintenance intervals vary depending on the type of product. The costs are very manageable in relation to the possible financial consequences of a failure.