Mobile access – Access with your Smartphone

Mobile access – Access with your Smartphone

Use your mobile phone to access buildings. Send digital keys to multiple mobile phones and never worry about losing keys again. Enjoy the convenience: on-site key handovers are no longer necessary. Have full control over who has access to your building and for how long – whether in your home or in your company.

Frank Lorenz

„,We developed mobile access to offer our customers the option of opening doors, gates, and barriers simply by using a smartphone. Especially with the convenient TapGo technology, which is currently being introduced for business use, the mobile access app does not even have to be opened. The convenience it brings allows our customers to streamline their business procedures.’’

Frank Lorenz, Senior Vice President Product Development AS EMEA

Mobile access


Fast and easy

Time- and cost-saving

Mobile access

Enjoy the benefits of convenient access with your smartphone.


dormakaba offers an encrypted security solution based on Bluetooth® and/or NFC technology.

Fast and easy

Send digital keys in an instant - no complex key administration.

Time- and cost-saving

Implementing smart digital processes enables you to save time, costs and to create new business models.

Smart access control for your mobile access experience

Choose your access control system to administer access – customisable to your needs and budget, ideal for your home or for your business.

dormakaba mobileaccess residential
Mobile access for your home or small business

With the free evolo smart app, you administer access with your smartphone: send digital keys and allow access to your smart door lock for up to 50 users.


dormakaba mobileaccess for SME
Mobile access for small and mid-sized companies (SMEs)

Administer and control access to specific offices and passageways at certain times and areas. Practical and user-friendly programming and maintenance. Choose from a wide selection of standalone locking cylinders, door locks and readers for almost any room or door situation, use RFID badges, key fobs, smart keys or your smartphone to enter.
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dormakaba mobileaccess for yourbusiness with API
Mobile access for SMEs – cloud-based access control with programming interfaces (API)

Issue access rights to any mobile phone remotely, from anywhere and at any time. Integrate your own booking system via the API interface. Your users can book the sports court, the coworking office, the flat or any room online. They receive their digital key directly to their mobile phone. This allows for a fully remote service with no need to hand over physical keys.
Find out more about exivo here.

dormakaba mobileaccess for property managers cloudbased resivo
Mobile access for property management

When tenants change, keys are lost, facility managers need access or when parking spaces are rented: property managers have many tasks. 
Our resivo solution was made to solve these challenges.

dormakaba mobileaccess large enterprises
Mobile access for large enterprises

People enter and leave your company building every day, from all over the world. Access control, time recording and badge management are core elements of your business. You allow access for certain days, times, for different buildings, rooms, parking spaces. 
With Mobile Access, you send access rights to your users’ mobile phones before they arrive. With the convenient TapGo function, users can quickly open electronic door locks with their smartphone while the mobile access app runs in the background.
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A special solution for SAP systems: Access control, time recording and media management
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dormakaba mobile access for BCOMM time recording
Mobile access – combining time recording and access control

Make sure your business keeps up with the digital transformation: record access times and keep clear records of who’s in the building, a critical element for legal and insurance regulations. Quickly solve daily challenges with mobile access, such the loss of badges or the time-consuming creation of access cards, visitor badges.
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Ready for mobile access – make your door smart

Digitise your door and enjoy the advantages of mobile access: choose from our unique range of high-quality electronic door locks, from fire protection smart door fittings to stylish digital cylinders and design award-winning access readers and terminals.

Digital cylinders

dormakaba digital cylinders

Our high-quality digital cylinders come in a range of options styles. The award-winning designs add a contemporary touch to your smart home or business premises and are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Factsheet dormakaba digital cylinders CH
Factsheet dormakaba digital cylinders EU


c-lever pro

dormakaba c-lever pro

Our dormakaba c-lever pro electronic door lock offers increased security and is suitable for most interior and exterior doors. The award-winning design combines convenience and aesthetic appeal with security and functionality.

Factsheet dormakaba c-lever pro


c-lever compact

dormakaba c-lever compact

Easy to retrofit, dormakaba’s c-lever compact smart electronic door handle is innovative and can even be installed upside down, ideal when space is tight, like for glass doors.

Factsheet dormakaba c-lever compact


c-lever air

dormakaba c-lever air

With its ultra-flat design, the c-lever air electronic door furniture is an excellent choice for interior doors. Winner of multiple design awards, our solution is ideal for fans of contemporary, modern design.

Factsheet dormakaba c-lever air


dormakaba doorcomponents access readers

dormakaba access readers

Our access readers are the ideal choice for automatic doors and motorised locks, be it indoors or outdoors. We offer a wide range of functions and designs – in either black or white.

Factsheet dormakaba access readers 9001
Factsheet dormakaba access readers 9104
Factsheet dormakaba access readers 9112
Factsheet dormakaba access readers 9115

dormakaba doorcomponents terminals

dormakaba terminals readers

The stylish dormakaba terminals are easy to install and simple to use. Easily customisable to meet your specific needs, the time attendance terminals communicate with a wide range of time recording solutions via the integration platform B-COMM.

Factsheet 96 00
Factsheet 97 00


dormakaba doorcomponents access media smartphone

Smartphone as an access medium readers

No need to search for keys – use your mobile phone to open the door. Select the transponder that best suits your needs: combine smartphones and RFID chip technology such as smart cards, key fobs, smart keys – all in one easy-to-use system.

Our mobile access customers

We strive for a long-term relationship with our customers and support them from the initial needs analysis phase through the entire life cycle of our solution, including system renewal and modernisation.

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