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Touch-free access to kitchens in restaurants with automatic sliding doors

In Restaurants or cafés, no one wants to wait. Continuous, rapid processes are essential and, above all, a convenience feature. For optimised service in the catering sector, free access to the kitchen is essential for service staff. The high standard of hygiene requires measures that create a pleasant atmosphere in which guests and staff feel safe and welcome.

Product overview

01 Automatic sliding door operator ES 200
02 Combination sensor IXIO DT1
03 Alternatively: Contactless activator (e.g. Magic Switch or comparable, local version) in combination with IXIO ST safety curtain 
04 Program switch EPS


Sensor-controlled sliding doors ensure smooth service processes. They open and close contactlessly and hygienically for smooth operation. Movement between the restaurant and kitchen is uninterrupted and fast. In addition to radar detectors and manual release buttons, the opening activator can also be emitted via foot switches. This is a particular advantage, especially where space is limited.

  • Automatic sliding door operator ES 200 with activator
  • Contactless activator (e.g. Magic Switch or comparable, local version) for hygienic door control
  • Smooth, fast, almost silent opening and closing


Whether for a new system, an upgrade or a modernisation – we offer installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs and spare parts service.

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