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Hygiene and infection protection: secure and touch-free access solutions

Main entrance in public buildings

The main entrance is the first point of contact in a building. Find out how to increase hygiene protection using automated, contactless dormakaba door systems while at the same time improving traffic flow.


Interior doors and systems in public buildings

Intelligent door systems ensure a smooth transition between rooms inside the building. Thanks to their range of touch-free functions, dormakaba door systems can effectively and sustainably support hygiene safety measures, even when there are large volumes of people. 

ED 250

Access to cleanrooms and patient rooms

With dormakaba’s safe access systems, you can reliably meet the strict protection and hygiene requirements for safety-relevant cleanrooms and areas in healthcare facilities.

ES 400

Functional doors

dormakaba offers fully automated door systems with reliable security technology for passage and functional areas.

ED 200

People separation with sensor barriers

Contactless access control secure indoor areas of a building against unauthorised entry. The touch-free passage adds to the hygiene protection measures within a building.

Argus HSB S05


The durability and quality of access systems throughout their entire
life cycle is a prerequisite for unrestricted people flow in your building. 


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