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Fire protection

Für Menschen ist Rauch die größere Gefahr, TS 93 mit Feststellanlage

Fire protection: Protecting people, preserving value

Fires are very difficult to prevent, but we are able to stop them from spreading or to keep losses to a minimum; we can also protect people through the use of safe escape routes.

dormakaba offers a range of door systems which have been specially developed for preventive fire protection. They quickly and reliably prevent the spread of fire and smoke, and open escape routes in seconds. After passage, the open doors are securely closed again and act as fire barriers.


  • Apartment entrance
    Self-closing apartment entrance doors as fire barriers.
  • Corridor
    Self-closing fire and smoke protection doors.
  • Stairwell
    Fire and/or smoke protection doors which close themselves in the event of a fire.
  • Underground car park
    Doors with escape route surveillance and access control as well as radar motion detectors.
  • Security interlock
    Access control for heightened security requirements. Can be activated with an emergency button.