Automatic doors – for a comfortable and prestigious entrance

Automatic doors fulfil various functions in a building: they enable easy and secure access, as well as regulating traffic and access to sensitive areas. They can also help to save energy in the building, as the doors close reliably. Automatic door systems from dormakaba are characterised by their design, variety, security and comfort. Which solution is the right one for you?

Automatic sliding doors

An eye-catching feature for every facade: fine-frame (profile) automatic sliding doors from dormakaba with the slimline FLEX profile system. Depending on requirements, a wide range of options can be implemented as single-leaf and double-leaf automatic doors, with improved thermal separation or burglary protection. The range is complemented by rounded sliding door systems.

Sliding door operators for automatic doors

dormakaba sliding door operators offer impressive performance, slimline design and numerous functions. They are suitable for use on single-leaf and double-leaf automatic doors, such as sliding doors, telescopic sliding doors, escape route sliding doors and for special applications such as hospital doors. A special feature is the CS 80 MAGNEO, a linear motor-powered operator for interior doors.

Swing door operators for automatic doors

dormakaba swing door operators are the perfect solution for interior and exterior revolving doors and for use on single-leaf and double-leaf automatic doors. The automatic operators enable easy, barrier-free opening and closing of swing doors, both in public and private areas.

Revolving doors – the special automatic door

Revolving doors are not only a real eye-catcher at every entrance, they also help to lower energy consumption by reducing draughts from the outside. Whether as a variant with three or four door leaves, as a full glass version or with an integrated sliding door, you’ll find that dormakaba revolving doors are the right choice.

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