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Accessible: open to everyone

Well-planned buildings should be open to all, and available for use by everyone – without restriction or the need for assistance. Defined standards form the main basis for ensuring this happens.

dormakaba solutions help implement the requirements for full accessibility, in the public as well as the private sector – and are all stylishly designed too. Smart door systems make facilities such as municipal offices, hospitals, shopping centres or even residential housing easily accessible for any visitor. Carefully considered products for building interiors maintain ease of access throughout – from the underground car park to sanitary facilities.



  • Outer door
    Accessible and available for everyone to use.
  • Main entrance
    For convenient entry to and exit from the building.
  • Side entrance
    Also acts as an escape route.
  • Underground car park
    Accessible entry to the building and an escape route at the same time.
  • Security interlock
    Keeps unauthorised persons out.
  • Sanitary facilities
    People with disabilities can also use the toilet without assistance.