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Access control

Zutrittskontrolle mit Kompaktleser und Schlüssel
Zutrittskontrolle mit c-lever-compact
Zutrittskontrolle über PIN Eingabe

Access control: Who is allowed to go where and when?

Cutting-edge access control systems regulate who may go, where and when. The range of tasks they fulfil can cover both security-related and organisational requirements. Access control systems check authorisations and block access for unauthorised persons. Access permissions can be assigned individually per door, organised according to spatial areas and security areas. Configurable access intervals can control precisely who has access and when.

dormakaba access control systems provide an extremely flexible way to manage access permissions. The systems also provide security, as the systems reliably protect buildings and company sections against access by unauthorised persons.


  • Main entrance
    Not everyone has access at all times.
  • Side entrance
    Access control and escape route surveillance in one.
  • Underground car park
    Access control and escape route surveillance, allows escape into the building and access to authorised persons.
  • Offices and conference rooms
    Authorised access only.
  • Laboratory
    Access solutions proven under laboratory conditions.
  • Technology room
    Protection against theft, sabotage and vandalism.
  • Security interlock
    Access control for heightened security requirements. Can be activated with an emergency button.