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Zutrittskontrolle mit Kompaktleser und Schlüssel
Zutrittskontrolle mit c-lever-compact
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Access control - so that you know "Who-When-Where".

Who has access when, where and for how long? Answering these questions will lead you to an integrated solution for access control in your company. Play it safe by giving a defined group of people access authorisation for certain buildings, rooms or areas within specified times. dormakaba has a broad product portfolio ready for you to implement your access control solution. All products can be intelligently combined and can also be supplemented by mechanical, mechatronic locking systems, digital door components and personal interlock systems.

Access control for large companies

Our integrated access management solutions are modular in structure and can be tailored to your needs. Learn more about our products and solutions around access control for large companies.

Access control for SAP

Organise all processes directly in your SAP system and thus increase your company’s productivity. Benefit from central data storage and automatic, secure and error-free data exchange. Learn more about our access control solution for SAP.

Access control for small and medium-sized businesses and private homes

No matter what your security needs are or what task your access solution should perform - our solutions are flexible, easy to install and convenient to operate. Learn more about our products and solutions around access control for small and medium-sized businesses.

Access Control Solutions for Microenterprises and Residential

You control quickly and conveniently via your smartphone who is given access to your door with dormakaba evolo smart.

Access control videos

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Electronic fittings – design and security at the door

Whether exterior or security doors, office doors, glass, wooden or metal doors, our modern electronic door fittings fit all common door types and meet high requirements in terms of robustness, weather resistance and security thanks to their high-quality materials.


dormakaba - Mobile Access Video
Mobile Access - Access control using a smartphone

With mobile access, you can integrate doors with or without a network connection into your access control system – simply, efficiently and securely.  effizient und sicher. 

dormakaba jay cloud
Access control and time recording directly from SAP SuccessFactors

dormakaba jay cloud integrates access control and time recording into your SAP SuccessFactors system. Manage access to the site, building, departments, and individual offices, and record employee working hours easily, securely, efficiently and directly from SAP SuccessFactors.

dormakaba Zutrittskontrolle und Zeiterfassung mit SAP ERP und SAP SuccessFactors
Cloud or no Cloud? How to successfully manage access control and time recording

Employees, partners and service providers enter and leave your company every day. How do you organise access to company premises, buildings, departments and offices easily and efficiently? dormakaba b-comm ERP, EACM and jay cloud help you to bundle and manage all these processes along with time recording.

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