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Würzburg Löffler car dealership

It’s Showtime – Open the doors for that party feel.

Mike Löffler -  Autohaus Löffler

“For us ‘HSW EASY SAFE’ is the optimal solution — we’re very satisfied with the concept as a whole. The design and the technical requirements supplement each other perfectly. If someone asks how a car dealership is supposed to turn into a concert hall, I just say, it’s quite easy: You take two partners skilled in planning and assembly, technical know-how and a sophisticated product — put it all together and you have a flexible multi-purpose space,” sums up Mike Löffler.

General building data

Address: Nürnberger Str. 106
Completion: 03/2016

Würzburg Löffler car dealership

The 1,300 square-metres of floor space at the Würzburg Löffler car dealership should serve various purposes: Both automotive brands, FORD and KIA, must be presented separately from one another and the space should act as an event room when needed, accommodating a volume of guests up to 1,000 persons.

Customer requirements

  • Separation of the areas

dormakaba’s solution

The HSW Easy Safe sliding glass wall, at a length of 24 m, divided up into 25 leaves, as well as another area of 4 m with 3 leaves separates rooms without really dividing them. If necessary, the leaves of the sliding glass wall form a continuous, semitransparent surface when closed.

Making a large event hall out of the separate presentation spaces can be done in just a few steps: Release the locking device of the individual leaves with your foot and then slide these easily into the parked position. The set of leaves stays here until the concert hall needs to be converted back into a car dealership.


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