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VR-Bank Aalen

Door closers for flowing spaces.

General building data

Address: Wilhelm-Zapf-Straße 2/ 73430 Aalen
Completion: 11/2017
Architect: OHO Architekten PartGmbH
Partners involved: DORMA Hüppe Raumtrennsysteme GmbH + Co.KG, Starz Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG, F&G Bauelemente GmbH, LDS Stockhammer Ingenieure GbR

VR-Bank Aalen

The new construction for the central office of VR-Bank is a new city building in Aalen and contributes to the spatial quality of the city centre. The square that opens the building for public space is a welcoming gesture, which is continued inside.

A four-storey hall flooded with light is the centre of the two-tier structure. Both the building parts are connected on all the floors with a bridge. The large windows and glass panes of the hall make it appear like a public square towards which the buildings of a city are oriented.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Adherence to fire protection principles
  • Barrier-free access solutions
  • Escape route

dormakaba’s solution

Spatial openness also brings high fire protection requirements with it. The building was divided in two fire lobbies. All the doors to the hall as well as the windows had to meet the requirement T30 or F30. The doors were equipped with the door closer TS 99 FLR-K. The doors are securely closed by the door closer in the event of an alarm or power failure; however the fire protection doors that close automatically in the event of fire, still remain as freely moving as doors without a door closer in everyday use. This helps in meeting the requirements of barrier-free building and preventive fire protection.

Since hold-open of the doors and hence a smoke detector integrated into the slide channel was not required in the stairway on the south, the concealed slide channel door closer ITS 96 was chosen, which could be integrated completely in the steel frame of the door elements. Right at the entry from front yard to the foyer, two automatic sliding door systems at the vestibule open the way for the customers. As the vestibule serves as an escape route during an emergency, the doors had to support this function as well. These requirements were met by dormakaba product FST FLEX.


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