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Vodafone Deutschland Düsseldorf

The new landmark on Brüsseler Straße.

Jens Blankenburg -  Head of Facility Management Vodafone Germany

“The dormakaba products installed in the building function perfectly and help us in our efforts to meet sustainability requirements. “Besides the revolving doors' superior design, we also value their optimum climate separation and convenient entry and exit, even when users are pushing trolleys or carrying luggage.”

General building data

Address: Viersener Str./  40549 Düsseldorf
Completion: 10/2012
Constructor/Owner: Vodafone Zentralverwaltung
Architect: HPP Architekten GmbH
Architecture prizes/Awards: LEED Certification Gold

Vodafone Campus Düsseldorf

Vodafone Germany is one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies and the largest TV provider in Germany. The Vodafone Campus, Vodafone Germany's headquarters in Düsseldorf's Heerdt district, is one of the most modern building complexes in Germany. Some 5,000 employees work in the company's head office, designed by the Düsseldorf architectural firm, HPP, and inaugurated in 2012. A 19-storey office building with a glass façade and aluminium elements is striking and has now become an impressive landmark in the city at 75 metres high.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Environmental protection declarations (EPDs) as the basis for calculation and evaluation for the sustainability performance of the building
  • Accessible and convenient use of the doors
  • Building security to protect against unauthorised access
  • Fire protection that satisfies the fire protection concept

dormakaba’s solution

Optimal environmental separation in the entrance area The design also attaches great importance to energy efficiency at the entrances to the buildings. Employees and visitors enter the distinctive tower building and the adjacent buildings through two Talos RDR revolving doors in each building. With an ultra-slim profile, these transparent all-glass door systems are particularly suitable for show-piece entrance areas such as the one in the Vodafone office tower. Thanks to a thermally separated structure at façade level, these doors provide optimal climate separation in the entrance area.


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