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The Gesundheits- und Dienstleistungszentrum Offenburg

Where walls and doors are easy to handle.

General building data

Address: Kronenstraße/ 77652 Offenburg
Completion: 12/2016
Constructor/Owner: Hurrle Fonds GmbH & Co.KG
Architect: Architekturbüro Müller + Huber

The Gesundheits- und Dienstleistungszentrum Offenburg

An important building block of an urban planning development area in Offenburg, that unites numerous medical practices and other health providers such as chemists and orthopaedic specialist shops under one roof. In the rehab centre there is both a workout and course hall as well as a section cut out into small rooms for individual therapy. The large hall is only used very rarely and on an individual basis.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Flexibly divisible rooms and transparency in the interior
  • Guaranty of visibility between the sections
  • Easy-to-use doors in daily operation in consideration of people’s physical restrictions

dormakaba Lösungen

The horizontal sliding wall HSW Easy Safe, consisting merely of laminated safety glass with floor and cover profiles, provides uninterrupted transparency on the interior. 

For safety throughout the building there are the top door closers intended for the doors’ fire protection. Because many of the people moving about here are physically restricted-be it due to age, illness or injury-for daily operation it was of utmost importance that intuitive and easy-to-use doors are in place. With this in mind, the ED 250 swing door operator is used at the entrance doors and in the stairwells for automatic opening and closing of the doors, reliable even with breezes thanks to its wind load regulation. 

The TS 93 EMR slide channel door closer, on the other hand, is used within rental units at hallway doors between the fire compartments, that is, where doors would represent more of an obstacle in daily use. But by electromechanically setting the door closer the doors can be held open and, in case of emergency, automatic closing can be triggered with the built-in smoke detector with integrated power pack.


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