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Südzucker Mannheim

Secure food production at Südzucker thanks to access control by dormakaba.

Frank Trinks -  Project Manager

Thanks to access control, we are certified, safeguard our products and protect them from contamination,” rejoices Project Manager Frank Trinks.

Thus Frank Trinks strikes a positive balance: “We have a modern attendance recording system that seamlessly reports data to the leading SAP system. Our access system ensures the necessary security and was the basis for IFS 6 certification. We have a modern attendance recording system that seamlessly reports data to the leading SAP system. Our access system ensures the necessary security and was the basis for IFS 6 certification. For the various purposes we have only one medium. This also gained the approval of the staff. The standardisation and harmonisation of the systems saves us time and maintenance efforts because we only have one interface to SAP. All in all, we are very satisfied with our collaboration with dormakaba.”

General building data

Address: Maximilianstr. 10/ 68165 Mannheim

Südzucker AG Mannheim

What housewife doesn’t know the market leader in the European sugar sector, Südzucker AG. In the traditional sugar sector, the Südzucker Group is the largest provider of sugar products in Europe with 29 sugar factories and two refineries. In the factories, each year approx. 28 million tonnes of beets are processed and 4.7 million tonnes of sugar are produced. With its other branches: specialties, crop energies and fruit, Südzucker is one of the leading companies in the food industry. With 17,000 employees the concern achieved a revenue of 6.5 billion euros.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Modern attendance recording system, upgradable with access control and payment system
  • Aid of maintenance and support
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Division of attendance and access data

dormakaba’s solution

The new system should be introduced step by step at the 32 European sugar locations of the concern. Since 2012 the staff in Mannheim have been using their new Legic ID card not only to record their work times but also to pay at the coffee dispensers. In time, operational data recording was added. For this, Kaba Benzing multitouch terminals were installed in production areas. Gradually, attendance and operating data recording was introduced at 14 locations. As a second step followed the introduction of the access control system.

The employee organisation required a strict division of attendance and access data. dormakaba was able to guarantee this because two systems are used: for attendance recording B-COMM ERP and for access control Kaba exos. The first part was completely securing the area with a fence and securing access points to the property. For this we have separating systems like turnstiles. Visitors receive a visitor ID card and are registered in visitor administration. The access points to the buildings and to the sensitive areas inside are protected by online readers. This primarily concerned the so-called “white areas” in which production takes place. All permission management here is performed by Kaba exos. With this extensive security system Südzucker even obtained its desired IFS 6 certification.

The next step was rollout at 11 additional locations. Of course, the new main administration building, inaugurated in 2015, was also equipped with a system. All exterior doors received online readers, office doors, conference rooms and cellar rooms were equipped with approx. 200 digital components. Employees and visitors enter the main administration building through a revolving door. While the visitors refer to the reception, the employees identify themselves with their ID cards at the Argus sensor airlocks in the foyer and then enter their work times at the attendance recording terminals. At lunch they enter the company restaurant through a 7-leaf sliding glass door from dormakaba. Mounted on glass doors in the lift lobbies and on doors that separate fire compartments there are door closers of the TS series TS 93 and hold-open units. In the event of a fire, these doors will be securely closed. Additionally, swing door operators on the T30 fire doors distributed throughout the building ensure secure, automatic closing. Escape terminals are also installed on doors on the emergency exit and escape routes. The solution works smoothly and has been installed as the Südzucker Group-wide standard.


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