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Spital Limmattal

Focus hospital for the extended basic medical care of today and tomorrow

Basic data on the object

Address: Urdorferstrasse 100 / 8952 Schlieren
Completion: 09/2018
Client/ Owner: Spital Limmattal
Total contractor: Losinger Marazzi AG
Involved partners: KOCH Group AG

Spital Limmattal

General hospital for extended primary medical care today and tomorrow

Spital Limmattal is one of the largest hospitals in the canton of Zurich. As a general and teaching hospital, it provides extended primary medical care for more than 77,000 patients a year. Spital Limmattal has 188 beds in the acute care section, 126 beds in long-term care, eight operating theatres and intensive care beds for eight patients. Over 1,470 employees deliver a wide range of high-quality health care services every day. After more than 50 years of operation in the original hospital building and about four years of construction, the facility moved into the new building in October 2018 under full operation. Treatment and patient rooms, operating theatres and medical departments are housed in 2,000 rooms. In total, the new structure has roughly 48,000 m2 floor space. After operations have commenced successfully in the new hospital building, the next big construction project is just around the corner. The old building will be demolished in the coming years, and a new care centre will be developed on the site. It is scheduled to begin operating in the 1st quarter of 2023 after about three years of construction.

Intelligent architecture makes for smooth medical operation and optimised visitor traffic

Two generous entrances lead into the lobby of the new Spital Limmattal. The centre of the hospital is modern, spacious and clear. The view of the interior courtyard gives an initial impression of the building. From the lobby, visitors and patients access the in-patient and out-patient areas. From the start, a clear delineation of those areas was important to the hospital to avoid cross-overs and mingling. Within the out-patient area, short distances between the relevant departments was a high priority. In an emergency, the nearest operating theatre is reached within a few seconds to guarantee the best possible patient care. Another special feature is visible from the rooms. Every patient room has a view of the surrounding natural scenery, which has a positive impact on the healing process.

Out-patient and in-patient areas, the emergency station, and sensitive areas like operating theatres made the use of a reliable access management system indispensable. The access system Kaba exos is the ideal solution for such complex requirements. Access rights can be assigned precisely and individually by means of access media. Another huge advantage of the system is its great flexibility. Access rights can be issued and changed individually at any time, and the system can be connected to the existing IT environment. At Spital Limmattal, intelligent interfaces connect access, attendance recording, HR, catering, wardrobes and the laundry pool. Patients and employees can use all of those systems with just one medium, and can be given access to rooms and cabinets. High flexibility was one of the hospital’s key requirements. After all, nobody knows today what developments will occur in medicine in years to come and how they will affect medical operations. With the new building, Spital Limmattal is ready for anything the future may hold in store. Its 188 beds in the acute care section and 126 beds in long-term care can be arranged at any time according to current needs. Kaba exos ensures safety in terms of access, as it can be complimented with a number of different modules. The close cooperation between dormakaba Switzerland Ltd and the IT department of Spital Limmattal guarantees tailor-made solutions for all requirements. Until the next new structure is finished, Spital Limmattal is thus perfectly equipped to fulfil its mission of providing extended primary medical care for the next 50 years.

The customer’s requirement of dormakaba

  • High degree of flexibility and consistency of software and hardware – the tailor-made solution
  • Customer-centred consulting for the optimised application of products and solutions
  • Coordination and control of human traffic (employees, patients, visitors, suppliers, etc.)
  • Access control to different hospital sections and zones

dormakaba solution

As a general hospital, the Spital Limmattal hospital provides basic medical care to more than 77,000 patients annually.

The Kaba exos access management system offers maximum flexibility in the administration of customer access rights for online, offline and mechanical components. The intelligent and scalable modules can always be adapted to the customer’s individual needs (e.g. lift control, key issuance systems, etc.). 

The system has open and standardised interfaces. That way, data can be exchanged with other systems (e.g. HR, catering, wardrobes, laundry pool, etc.) easily and efficiently.

The appealing, award-winning peripheral devices by dormakaba satisfy current technical requirements and are used in the online sector for doors and lifts. 

A consistent product portfolio including everything from mechanical (keys/cylinders) to electronic components completes the programme.

Kaba exos 9300 is intended for long-term use and offers perfect upward compatibility and scalability. That means that the system will keep pace with your future needs and can be adapted to them, so your investment is safe in the long run.

The TS 93 series door closers ensure barrier-free movement inside and in the outside spaces and thanks to their sophisticated technology, facilitate easy opening and closing of the door.



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