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Smart Campus Wien

chnology from dormakaba in the largest buildings worldwide according to the Passive House standard.

Günter Heinz Goisser -  Wiener Netze GmbH

“The turnstiles and door operators do their job to our fullest satisfaction. For the variety of products we use from dormakaba, the word “problem” just doesn’t come up,”

General building data

Address: Erdbergstraße / 1030 Wien

Smart Campus Wien

After two years of construction on the area of the former Vienna gas works, the new company headquarters of Wiener Netze was erected with its Smart Campus. The Smart Campus in the nerve centre of energy supply for Vienna and parts of Lower Austria and Burgenland. This place is a good example of how operation and administration flow into one another: 1,400 employees, office workspaces and workshops, the warehouse and the control centres for electricity and gas are housed on approximately 96.000 m². The building awarded the ÖGNI gold pre-certificate is currently the largest building in the world according to the Passive House standard.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Efficiently protect the exterior
  • Regulated access without the effort of the personnel
  • Quick and reliable authorisation control upon access to internal areas
  • Control of foot traffic at peak times
  • Fire protection and accessibility at the same time

dormakaba’s solution

Access to the company premises is regulated at two access points with Kentaur turnstiles. The sturdy turnstiles from the Kentaur product family in combination with ID card readers are the ideal solution to efficiently protect the exterior. In connection with electronic access control, they reliably regulate access without the intervention of personnel and ensure regulated individual passage. In the building foyer, Kerberos turnstiles ensure quick and reliable authorisation control upon accessing internal areas and thereby relieve the reception personnel of this burden. The time-tested control technology conveniently regulates the flow of people, even at high passage frequency at peak times. The quiet low-energy operator only consumes the lowest level of energy. In case of panic, versions with automatically retracting rails in both directions provide a clear escape path. The retractable locking rail is automatically re-engaged as soon as danger has passed. Each can be initiated by an authorised reception staff member using a control element, e.g. for transport of goods. Especially inside buildings, doors often represent every-day barriers to persons with restricted mobility, from the underground garage to sanitary facilities. The high minimum closing torque for fire protection makes accessibility difficult, which requires a low opening torque. With innovative door solutions from dormakaba, easy opening and secure closing can be guaranteed.


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