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Mobile access means new storage space is available in no time at all

If your basement is too small, too full of things or you simply don't have enough floor space, you need 'ExtraPlatz' – a different type of extra storage space.

Hans-Peter Zutt, Managing Director of ExtraPlatz

We had been looking for just the right solution for a long time – and the clever dormakaba and LEGIC solution was just that! Security was taken into consideration from the very start of the process – and in every detail!

Whether you are talking about winter tyres, surplus suitcases, skis or the kids' old things – there are always things that you don't need every day and which can be stored outside of your own four walls. Buying additional storage space from ExtraPlatz is quick and simple: reserve the extra space online, make your payment, then use the dormakaba and LEGIC app on your smartphone to open the door to the additional storage space – two seconds is all that takes.

"There has never been anything like this in Switzerland before,"Hans-Peter Zutt, the founder and inventor of ExtraPlatz, tells us. His vision is as follows: Provide additional storage space, exploit the benefits of mobile communication, provide a quick and simple storage option – and do all of this at reasonable prices.

Mobile access: simplicity and convenience

Thanks to LEGIC and dormakaba, the solution could be integrated seamlessly into the ExtraPlatz system. An app based on the LEGIC Software Development Kit that was developed in collaboration with dormakaba is the key that opens the storage space. You have to register on the ExtraPlatz website, download the app and verify your mobile number using LEGIC's Trusted Service LEGIC Connect – doing this will give you the authorisation to enter the additional storage space. As the key is stored on your smartphone and not somewhere else, you have 24/7 access to your 'ExtraPlatz' (extra space). The app can also be shared with someone else, which means that you can (for example) grant family members access to the space.

Security is a major focus

ExtraPlatz aims to conform to the same security standards as those used in online banking. Zutt emphasises the importance of data protection and explains that the whole system – reserving space online, checking in, registering, paying and opening the space using your mobile phone and storing the objects – is completely transparent. If you don't need the 'ExtraPlatz' services anymore, the notice period for cancellation (which can be done at any time) is a mere seven days. All in all, an extremely well thought-out and successful project!

Further information about 'ExtraPlatz'
Hans-Peter Zutt
Tel.: +41 55 253 11 11