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Mannheim town hall

Designed security from the outset.

General building data

Address: 68159 Mannheim
Completion: 06/2018
Architect: Dittel Architekten GmbH
Constructor/Owner: Stadt Mannheim

Mannheim town hall

Following a restricted, interdisciplinary planning competition, the architecture firm DIA – Dittel Architekten from Stuttgart, Germany, received the order for redevelopment of the listed town hall (Rathaus) in Mannheim. In honour of this occasion, a new architectural corporate design is also being developed for this building, which characterises the first construction phase – the redesigning of the foyer. The new foyer is thus also a pilot project for a style guide, which would be a basis for all future constructional measures at the Rathaus.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Barrier-free access solutions
  • Access control

dormakaba’s solution

The new foyer not only reveals the aesthetic appearance of Mannheim, but being an entrance to a public space, it must also meet the security requirements. As a public building, the Rathaus must also be designed to be unrestricted and barrier-free. For this purpose, an access system from dormakaba was installed, which effectively controls the access to the building and yet does not massively encroach upon the bright and friendly space.

Due to the special requirements associated with cautiously handling a listed building, instead of a room-high element, a half-height unit was placed with pedestrian guiding bars made from frameless safety glass and slim stainless steel posts in a straight line. Baffle gates and turnstiles would have contradicted the concept of barrier-free design and would have shaped the space too much. The solution found is a modest compromise between security and space quality. Furthermore, the swing doors are suitable for use in the emergency exit and escape routes. The swing doors open conveniently for employees of the city council when they hold a chip card at the door. The card reader columns with an escape route terminal are placed in front of the swing doors. This means that wheelchair users can approach them without having to detour and can then pass straight through the swing door.


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