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Kunsthalle Mannheim

Currently one of the largest museum buildings in Germany.

General building data

Address: Friedrichsplatz 4, 68165 Mannheim
Completion: 06/2018
Architect: gmp.Architekten von Gerkan Marg und Partner
Constructor/Owner: Stiftung Kunsthalle Mannheim

Kunsthalle Mannheim

The new museum construction at Friedrichsplatz, Mannheim links up with the existing Art Nouveau building, the so-called “Billing” building. In the “city within the city”, the exhibition and functional spaces are arranged as individual structures around a central atrium and are connected to each other via galleries, terraces and bridges. 

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Fire protection and escape route security system
  • Harmonious adaptation to the architecture and art
  • Coordinated security systems
  • Barrier-free design
  • Highly-technical, customary products

dormakaba’s solution

The ED 250 swing door operators with a height of only 7cm, fit with the look and feel of the high-quality doors and provide barrier-free and convenient passage through high-traffic doors.

Numerous exterior and interior doors in the museum ensure secure opening and closing. The integrated door closers of the ITS 96 series thereby blend harmoniously into the architecture and let the art be at the forefront. The EASY OPEN technology with a rapidly decreasing opening torque as per DIN SPEC 1104 enables easy passage through the doors. The door closers with their high-quality look and feel ensure barrier-free user convenience in the entire building complex.

Fire protection doors (entrance doors, hallway doors and doors that separate fire compartments) are equipped with door closers and hold-open systems from the ITS 96 and TS 93 series. Their high quality easily meets all the relevant standards for the required usage, particularly DIN 18040 and DIN SPEC 1104 for barrier-free passage. Hold-open systems of the ITS 96 series, which can be controlled via the fire detection system and smoke detectors, are used for preventative fire protection.


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