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Kaiserlodge Scheffau

Sustainable, regional and modern hotel concept relies on dormakaba access solutions.

General building data

Address: Ellmau/ 6352 Ellmau
Completion: 11/2017
Architect: Planwerker Holzerber GmbH

Kaiserlodge Scheffau

In the new Kaiserlodge in Scheffau in the Wilder Kaiser region the freedom of the personal holiday house meets the exclusive service of a luxury hotel build in the traditional Tyrol architecture with natural materials from the region and a breathtaking view of the surrounding Alps. After 14 months of construction time and a total of three years of planning, calculation and construction, the Kaiserlodge went into service in October 2017, with a total of 17 double rooms, penthouses and 44 flats, some of which have private access to the 1,300-m² bathing lake. A wellness area on the roof with an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna and relaxation area melts guests’ tension away.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Harmonious mix of the traditional, modern, regional and sustainable

dormakaba’s solution

The energy-saving operation of the Kaiserlodge starts right with its access solution. With this in mind, automatic dormakabaST FLEX Green sliding doors with thermally insulated profiles were installed at the main entrance as well as at the entrances and exits to the terrace. The energy-saving sliding door is specially designed for closing off the outside of the building while combining transparency, accessibility and heat insulation all in one door. It also acts as an air trap, thereby providing an active contribution to the thermal insulation of the building.

Additionally, all the exterior swing doors of the building and some of the interior doors have been equipped with door closers by dormakaba. The modular TS 93 door closer system has time-tested EASY OPEN technology, reducing resistance when opening the door and making it possible to equip doors for practically any conceivable use, e.g. barrier-free doors.

Hotel kitchens tend to be quite hot and the danger of a fire breaking out is particularly high here. That’s why automatic fire protection sliding doors have been chosen to be installed in the Kaiserlodge. Here the automatic ES200 sliding door operator was installed in EI 30-C fire doors with wooden door leaves. Thanks to their quick opening via radar motion sensors, these doors ensure the smooth and hygienic operation in the kitchen and for meal service. Additionally, in case of fire, they quickly and reliably prevent the spread of fire and smoke, while creating a secure fire compartment between the kitchen and the public area.

For the well-being of the guests, the interior doors, such as room doors or seminar doors, are equipped with dormakaba door closers of the ergo series. The plastic door handle installed reduces damaging noise, thereby contributing to the guests’ comfort.

You’ll find culinary highlights at the farmer’s deli, at which the guests not only stop by for regional dishes but can also get busy cooking after some instruction. Here and in the built-in sport / ski shop the HSW EASY Safe units ensure transparent and ample separation of space. These all-glass units with laminated safety glass increase security and minimise drafts thanks to the double brush seals in the door rails. Transparency therefore plays a big role in the design concept of the Kaiserlodge. Last but not least, this is why the all-glass doors in the WC were given special attention. The Junior Office fittings put in place here ensure reliability, durability and comfort, while fitting harmoniously into the modern design.


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