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Kaba products at Model AG.

Successful collaboration at Model AG.

Richard Kessler

The devices, which have very elegant designs, are working very well. In terms of procurement, they are probably slightly more expensive than similar products, but their durability and compatibility put them back in the 'competitive' category again.

The Model Group develops and produces innovative and high-quality packaging solutions made from cardboard and corrugated board. It has chosen to collaborate with Kaba and BK-Soft GmbH for its access solution and T&A.

Tradition and innovation
Having been founded 130 years ago, Model AG is a company steeped in history. The Group consists of ten subsidiaries in eight countries and employs around 4,100 staff. Its headquarters are located in Weinfelden, in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. Model AG offers a range of packaging solutions, from simple transport packaging through to special luxury packaging such as boxes for fragrance.

Access control and time registration
Model in Weinfelden uses the Kaba exos access control system for access control. 'Time-AS' time registration software and B-web series Kaba terminals have been installed across all of the company's locations in Switzerland in collaboration with Kaba's software partner company BK-Soft GmbH.

Easy operation
The reasons for taking this step are plain to see: "The Time-AS software is easy to use and simple to upgrade," according to Richard Kessler, the IT manager responsible for time registration at Model AG.

Compatible with existing devices
For the management team, it was important to have a transparent time registration solution at their fingertips, but also to have the option to run the existing terminals in parallel with the new and elegantly designed B-web series Kaba terminals.

One card is all that is required
The icing on the cake is the fact that everything can be operated using one card only. As such, time registration, access control and canteen credit are all recorded on one card.

Successful collaboration
The collaboration with BK-Soft GmbH has also been going very well. Richard Kessler is very impressed by the solution put in place, which consists of Kaba access control, time registration from BK-Soft and the Kaba terminals.