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Gasthof Hirsch Ersingen

The Phoenix rises from the ashes-the renovation of the existing building structures requires extensive specialised knowledge.

General building data

Address: Risstisser Str. 4/ 89155 Ersingen
Completion: 10/2015
Architect: rupf. innenarchitektur gmbh
Partners involved: M+F Merz + Föhr Vertriebs- und Service GmbH

Gasthof Hirsch Ersingen

17/11/2010 is an important date for the family of Otto Greiff, owner of the Ersinger Gasthaus “Hirsch”: On this day, gases came from the furnace of the company’s fine fruit distillery and exploded. A 30-metre high flame created a pressure wave that destroyed the distillery and all the floors of the main building, most of it could no longer be used. Despite the immense loss, the family decided to rebuild and within approx. 2 years, the Hirsch was revived.

Kundenanforderung an dormakaba

  • Door concepts for harmonic interior design
  • User convenience

dormakaba’s solution

The foyer of the hotel already has the visitor feeling a special ambiance: The visitor enters through a massive wooden entrance from 1747 and behind it a ceiling-high glass installation. It fits harmoniously with the room’s architecture-thanks in no small part to the subtle design of the dormakaba  UNIVERSAL corner fitting and the BTS 80 floor spring, which is incorporated almost invisibly into the floor. A narrow WA40 wall connection profile forms the elegant transition from the all-glass structure to the wall, ceiling and floor. Moreover, an array of dormakaba door closers of the TS93 series with a variety of functions is used. Entry convenience, fully controlled closing, built-in smoke detection function-just to name a few of the important factors.

Low ceilings and door passageways in the guest rooms require special product solutions. Transparent glass doors with the premium Office Junior swing door fitting divide the bathroom and living area. One silhouette of an elk (Hirsch) which can be found on the glass doors provides privacy from onlookers in the other room. Last but not least, there’s the ES200 sliding door operator with the sound-insulated track profile providing barrier-free access to the kitchen area.


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