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dormakaba is equipping Austria’s most modern EUROSPAR market.

General building data

Address: Oskar Pirlo Straße 33/ 6330 Kufstein
Completion: 10/2016


After only six months of construction time, the new EUROSPAR KAUFPARK opened its gates in SPAR’s founding city of Kufstein. The market with 45 employees and over 13,000 articles is now more beautiful, more modern and more customer friendly. The market impresses with its bright, friendly and generous spatial arrangement on a total of 1,250 square metres. A special highlight of the market is the technical innovations. All the newly built or renovated SPAR markets are built according to the specifications of the Austrian Association for Sustainable Real Estate Management. The most modern construction standards and numerous energy-saving measures make EUROSPAR a climate-protecting supermarket.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Saving energy
  • Thermal insulation

dormakaba Lösungen

dormakaba’s solutions underscore the consideration for greater energy efficiency and sustainability. Because automatic dormakaba sliding doors bring together high flexibility, elegant transparency, simple installation and convenient operation in a system ensuring that all the required standards are met. In the EUROSPAR market in Kufstein we have the automatic ST FLEX Green sliding door with thermally insulated profiles in the form of entry and exit sliding doors. 

For the hygiene and convenience of customers, built-in sliding door systems are installed in the public toilets. Another important aspect in public buildings is fire protection, because in case of a fire the most important thing is to set off the alarm as quickly as possible and close the fire doors. For this, dormakaba offers numerous door systems specially designed for preventive fire protection.


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