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Erste Campus Wien

Open architecture and building security without contradictions.

General building data

Address: Am Belvedere 1/ 1110 Wien
Architect: Henke Schreieck Architekten ZT GmbH

Erste Campus Wien

Since 2016 the Erste Campus has been the new headquarters for the Erste Group Bank AG and for the first time unites all the staff of the holding, the Erste Bank Österreich and all subsidiaries located in Austria under one roof. For the Erste Group the new building is primarily a basis for a new work environment with improved profitability. The new workspaces should promote communication amongst themselves, shorten the distances between departments and thereby promote collaboration and increase productivity. With such an open architecture it also becomes extremely important to maintain building security on the Erste Campus. In addition to a complex control system and video monitoring in the approximately 117,000 m² building complex, physical security plays an essential role.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Reliable, quick and elegant solutions for access control
  • The highest level of comfort when opening and closing doors

General building data

Argus sensor airlocks and Kentaur turnstiles, which satisfy not only the architects design attributes but also the user’s security demands, are used to efficiently separate publicly accessible areas from internal areas. The entire system is monitored by sensors to identify the unauthorised accompaniment of a second person.

Another area that is being checked more and more in recent years is access from underground garages into the building. Here too the certified Kentaur turnstiles are trusted on Erste Campus. In addition to security and design, user convenience is an essential aspect of access solutions. The TS 93 slide channel door closers used on the doors ensure the highest level of access convenience with fully controlled closing thanks to the time-tested dormakaba EASY OPEN technology. ED 100 swing door operators, which can open and close automatically both single-leaf and double-leaf doors, are used on swing doors in the building. At a minimum size of only 70 mm, the ED 100 is the perfect solution for doors in
public buildings with a high frequency of access.


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