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ERBER Group Getzersdorf

ERBER Group relies on the most sold sensor airlocks in Austria.

Georg Glanninger -  Group Facility Project Manager Erber AG

“The systems run to our full satisfaction. Because sensitive data converge at our headquarters, smooth integration into the other security technology is especially important. It was possible for us to easily implement this with the sensor air locks from Kaba.”

General building data

Address: Erber Campus 1/ 3131 Getzersdorf
Architect:  Architekt Podsedensek ZT GmbH

ERBER Group Getzersdorf

The ERBER Group is a world leading corporate group in the field of food and animal feed safety with offices in Lower Austria. Including sales partners, the Erber Group is represented in over 100 countries and has over 1,600 employees worldwide, 50 business units and 19 production sites in 37 countries. The research fields of the biotech pioneer are innovative animal feed additives, detoxification of micotoxins as well as biotechnological plant protection. In May 2015 the ERBER Group purchased the new global company headquarters, the ERBER Group Campus in Getzersdorf, Austria.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Reliable and contactless access control
  • Division of internal and public areas

dormakaba’s solution

Argus sensor airlocks are perfect for reliably dividing internal and public areas in order to best protect sensitive company data. With over 300 installed systems, the Argus air locks from dormakaba are the most sold sensor airlocks in Austria. They are made of an access point monitored by sensors with automatic door elements and make for convenient, contactless and, most importantly, secure passage. Immediately after passing through, the doors close automatically.

The entire system is monitored by sensors to identify the unauthorised accompaniment of a second person. That’s how Argus sensor airlocks provide special protection even with a high passage frequency. Their modular design makes it possible for them to adapt to the space available and the architecture wanted.  The door leaves made of polycarbonate are not only lighter but also much sturdier than those made of toughened glass. Their low weight reduces the dynamic energy in the door leaf below the amount specified in the standard.


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