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eniwa AG, Buchs

New premises of eniwa AG bring everything under one roof.

General building data

Address: Industriestrasse 25/ 5033 Buchs (AG)
Completion: 06/2018
Constructor/Owner: eniwa AG (ehemals IBArau AG)
Architect: Gautschi Lenzin Schenker Architekten AG
Partners involved: Breitenbach Schliesstechnik GmbH

eniwa AG Buchs

The regional energy supply company, eniwa, is combining its operations centres and office buildings, which had been constructed separately. For the first time in the history of the company, management, administration, engineering and execution are coming under one roof. The office building has places for 350 staff and has a reserve capacity of 100 workplaces.

A two-floor underground garage with 100 parking spaces for company vehicles and 250 spaces for staff, the fleet and visitors allow parking close to the site.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Attendance recording and staff communication
  • Barrier-free accesses
  • Real-time access control inside and outdoors
  • Networked escape route security in real-time
  • Use of modern technology (fibre optic cables)

dormakaba’s solution

The regional energy supply company, eniwa, is combining the locations, which had been separate until now. A giant building complex has now arisen for this facility operator of energy supply and communications networks. Individual buildings are joined to one another directly or even loosely. Depending on the use and building type, this results in widely different requirements for the door control and access system. Given the size of the complex, it is important to ensure orientation in the campus and in the buildings. In the individual buildings, this is achieved in a simple and efficient manner on the doors. The cylinders have a coloured ring. At eniwa AG, different colours indicate different functions or areas of the doors and rooms. For example, escape route doors are marked with a red ring in the cylinder. This system simplifies orientation for service and cleaning staff, or in an emergency. This colour guidance system can be easily implemented with the locking system Kaba star.

As regards the escape route, the eniwa AG office building has another special feature. Normally, the escape route goes from the inside to the outside. But the employees have an open-air recreation area on the roof, which is an area is designed like an inner courtyard. Therefore, in case of a fire, a route into the building and then to the outside has to be provided. Having escape routes going into the building is a rather special situation, but implementable.
Another highlight in the building is the door control, which stands out with its integrative design. The door closer and the doors are in the same colour, so that the door closers (TS 93) are hardly visible. In the entire building, the effect of the architecture is modern, rectilinear and reduced. Anyone working here can concentrate fully on what’s essential.Modernisation of the building was important for the facility operator in many respects. Being an installer and facility operator of power networks, eniwa AG had a special challenge ready. The components of the access system had to be connected not with the normal cables, but with fibre optic cables. This is a dream of the future in many places, but dormakaba, with its components, was able to implement it successfully here for the first time.

But eniwa AG is not preparing for the future only with fibre optic cables. The energy supply company has opted for exos for access management. This system distinguishes itself thanks to its flexibility and scalability. In the case of eniwa AG, the attendance recording and the car park were connected with the access management over a SAP interface. Even the tenants on the 5th floor of the office building thus only have access to their rented rooms. Thanks to the modularity and flexibility of exos, eniwa AG is excellently equipped for the future with regard to access management.


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