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Congress Centrum Alpbach

Intelligent entry solution.

General building data

Address: Alpbach 246/ 6236 Alpbach
Completion: 10/2015
Architect: DIN A4 Architektur ZT GmbH

Congress Centrum Alpbach

The Congress Centrum Alpbach (CCA for short) in Tyrol is considered the top convention destination in the Alpine region. The conference centre certified as a “Green Meeting Location” was partially remodelled in March 2015 according to the plans of the Innsbruck architectural workshop DIN A4 and expanded to create an energy-efficient and transparent entry solution.

Today the CCA satisfies the highest quality requirements. In addition to the assembly room, which can be divided into several sections, three seminar rooms, an ample foyer and a two-story underground garage have been erected. Construction took place according to ecological criteria to satisfy all the requirements for technology and comfort of the organisers and attendees.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Intelligent entry solution
  • Convenient access solution
  • Reliable security
  • Harmonic symbiosis of function and design

dormakaba’s solution

Right at the entrance to the building you come across dormakaba’s time-tested technology. At the main entrance an ES 200 2D escape route sliding door with safety screens has been mounted. Furthermore, all the exterior doors to the building, escape route doors and some interior doors have been equipped with the TS 93 GSR slide channel door closer Especially when it comes to building up and taking down events, where large objects have to be transported, standard delayed closing is very helpful.

The numerous glass doors at the CCA have received special attention. Glass fittings from dormakaba ensure a harmonic symbiosis of function and design by combining transparency with straightforward design and improved convenience. The CCA is equipped with beautifully-designed corner fittings, locks and floor springs from the Universal series. With Universal-as the name suggests-you can make just about any conceivable all-glass construction a reality thanks to its broad spectrum of basic designs and variants.


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