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ZfP (Centre for Psychiatry) – Clinic for Geriatric Medicine

Split-level building for geriatric medicine on Lake Constance

General building data

Address: 78479 Reichenau
Completion: 05/2015
Architect: huber staudt architekten bda Gesellschaft von Architekten mbHbaulinie architekten
Partners involved: Peters GmbH & Co. KGNeher Butz Ingenierbüro für Gebäudetechnik GmbHAlu Technic K. Rinkenburger GmbH

ZfP (Centre for Psychiatry) Reichenau

Modern and architecturally sophisticated, this is the impression given by the new Clinic for Geriatric Psychiatry in the Reichenau Centre for Psychiatry. huber staudt architekten from Berlin decided on a relaxed design and spaces flooded with light for dementia sufferers and people with age-related depression. Large windows with a clear view over the green surroundings are not merely a feature of the patient rooms.

In line with the naturally south-sloping plot, the new building was designed as a split-level building. The structure fits smoothly into its surroundings and marks out the entrance to the campus.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Barrier-free design
  • Structured arrangement of products

dormakaba’s solution

As a vestibule on the facade, the automatic ST FLEX Green sliding door, with its thermally-separated profiles, presents an harmonious view.

The integrated ITS 96 door closers (on over 70 doors in different versions) are constructed in such a compact manner that they can be completely concealed when installed in doors and frames. At the same time, the door closers offer high user convenience and a wide range of functions.

The TS 93 door closer comprises a modular system which enables just a few door closer models to be combined with a number of different slide channels to meet virtually every conceivable functional requirement. Doors of varying designs can be equipped for a wide range of different applications.


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