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Chamber of Labour of Lower Austria, St. Pölten

Secure and smart access to the Chamber of Labour of Lower Austria.

General building data

Address: Herzogenburgstr./ 3100 St. Pölten
Architect: Maurer & Partner

Chamber of Labour of Lower Austria, St. Pölten

The most modern technology, optimal and efficient organisational processes and, above all, the 300 staff members of the chamber of labour who clearly indicate that the representatives of workers’ legal interests are equipped with the best to handle the challenges of the future. Not only did the chamber of labour  find a new home here, but also ÖGB Niederösterreich, the career promotion institute and the occupational medicine centre of St. Pölten have moved in to the new building. The Steppenwolf youth centre, the cultural space frei:raum and a car park, situated directly next to the workers’ centre, are structurally connected to the building complex.

Customer requirements

  • Standardised locks
  • Regional value creation
  • Patent-protected and secure locks
  • Barrier-free design

dormakaba’s solution

dormakaba had already equipped all the chamber of labour’s district offices with locking systems in the past and has now provided the locking system for the new centre, which was constructed in approximately 25 months. The locking system includes approximately 750 dormakaba pextra locking cylinders. The manufacture of the products delivered by dormakaba takes place in Herzogenburg in Lower Austria, thereby keeping value creation in the region. The dormakaba pextra locking cylinders are among the most secure on the market and are protected by multiple patents.

With its contemporary architecture, the building welcomes its guests openly and free of barriers at the centre of the regional
capital. The dormakaba products used make a significant contribution to the building’s openness. Numerous door closers of types TS93 and ITS96 as well as automatic operators for swing doors are installed, which can be used both as fully automatic or semi-automatic doors.


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